The history of the Church of Christ in San Luis Obispo (then called the Central Church of Christ) dates back to May 18, 1941, the first Sunday after Mother’s Day. Brother and Sister V. E. Skeen, Brother and Sister, J. A. Procter, and Brothers Hill and Hoffman met for the first worship service in the home of Brother and Sister Skeen at 1516 Nipomo Street. Brother E. David Carrol, while not present at the first service, was quite instrumental in the establishment of the church here.

The church met there for just a few weeks. The Woodmen of the World Hall was rented and the church assembled there for some time. This hall was above a grocery store which was located at what is now a parking garage at Chorro and Marsh Streets.

Next, the congregation rented the Monday Club, and this hall served as the meeting place for the congregation on Sunday mornings and evenings. For the midweek services, the church assembled in the homes of the members.

Finally, the church purchased its first property. A lot and building were secured at 100 Santa Rosa Street. For the next seven years the congregation assembled at this location. While on Santa Rosa, the first elders and deacons were ordained. The elders were Brothers Williams, J. M. Potter, and A. P. Haynes. Deacons were Luther C. Williams, Roy Hilliard, Virgil Skeen and Herbert Lange. The church was chartered “in a legal form according to the laws of the state” on March 4, 1946.

The city was growing and the time came that the city needed the property at 100 Santa Rosa Street, so the church purchased a lot at Rogart and Mt. Pleasant (which is now North Chorro), but the money was refunded as a petition was signed by the residents of that area to keep the church from building there.

At this point, the property at 1444 Santa Rosa Street was purchased from the Seventh Day Adventists. In the year 1950 the congregation was incorporated under the name “The Central Church of Christ of San Luis Obispo, California.” It was here at this location that the church worshipped and carried on its work until August 19, 1962, at which time the last service was held in that building.

On August 26, 1962 the church occupied its new facilities at 3172 Johnson Avenue to begin its most exciting period of growth and work in the kingdom of the Lord. In 1981, the balcony area was remodeled to provide a needed classroom and fellowship area. The Teehee fellowship hall was subsequently built. With one voice the sentiments of all may be expressed in this way, “Unto God be all the glory. Amen.”


George Darling
O. M. Davis
Lawrence Stine
Loyd Collier
Edton Holden
J. E. Norman
Jack Norris
Herbert N. Hurd
Lloyd Taylor
Don Sawatzke
T. A. Davis
Leonard Pamplin
Bill N. Allan
J. C. Williams
Charles Melton
Bill Epler
Mark Pugh
Charles Melton
Gary Gerhardt – Youth/College Minister
Amy Gordon – Youth/College Counselor
John Wood – 1987-89
Mike Anderson – 1991-95
David Altizer – 1992-93
John Wood – 1995-2005
Gordon Hermann
Jerry Jones – Sept. 2006-Present

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