The Johnson Avenue Church of Christ is a body of Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that He is the sole source of salvation for all people, whatever race, color, creed or culture. Because of our conviction that the Bible contains God’s message for all times, we want to put every aspect of our lives in His care, and offer an invitation to you to join us.

We assemble on the First Day of the week to worship God through fellowship, praise, prayer, singing, giving, and encouraging one another through preaching and teaching. In memory of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, and the sins of the world, we observe Communion each Sunday to show the Lord’s death until he comes again. First century Christians men and women took great joy in the good news that “He is risen,” and through His resurrection we have eternal life. They shared their faith with the world and we are the joyous beneficiaries of their great sacrifice. Now, we want to share Him with you!

What to Expect When You Visit

You will be warmly greeted begin to enjoy the accepting family atmosphere.of our congregation. The service begins with a series of songs and prayers, then an offering from the members is taken. As a visitor, you may contribute or not as you please. Next, the Lord’s Supper (Communion, Eucharist) is offered. This is served weekly and is open to all believers. There will be a sermon and a closing song and prayer. After the formal worship, members will have prepared small snacks of cheese, fruit, coffee,etc. in the breezeway, and we have an opportunity to visit and snack there at the free Fellowship Cafe.

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